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Self-suction pump working principle is what? Ordinary centrifugal pump, if inhaled liquid surface in impeller under, start-up should advance to infuse water, is not easy. In order to pump suction pipe memory water, import need to be bottom valve, pump work, bottom valve caused great hydraulic losses. So-called self-suction pump, be in namely before initiating without irrigation (after installation first start still need to infuse water), after a short time running, rely on the role of pump itself, namely can put the water absorption into normal work come up,. Self-suction pump by action principle can be divided into several categories: 1. The gas-liquid hybrid (including mixed type within and outside the mixed type), Water loop wheeled; 2. 3. Jetting (including liquid jet and gas jet). Gas-liquid hybrid self-suction pump working process of self-suction pump: due to the pump body special structure
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