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Vortex pumps (also called eddy current pump) is a vane pump. Mainly by the impeller, pump body and pump cover composition. Impeller is a disk, the circumference of the blade radiate out in uniform alignment. Pump body and annular flow formed between impeller suction and exhaust in the impeller's export are outer periphery place. The suction with the platoon exports, which will have between clapboard suction and row export separted off.

We will pump in liquid can be divided into two parts: between the blades of liquids and in the flow of liquid. When the impeller turns, by centrifugal impeller, under the action of liquid in the circle of the faster than in the flow of liquid circumference speed, so forming figure 1 "annular flow". And because the suction to row export liquid follow impeller forward, the two sports synthesis result, it causes the liquid yield

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