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Chemical pump classification that (1) according to the working principle, structure classification
1) vane pump: through pump shaft rotates driven by various impeller blades to liquid centrifugal or axial force, conveying liquids to pipe or containers, such as centrifugal pump, vortex pumps, mixed flow pump, axial-flow.
2) positive displacement pump: using pump cylinder content product continuous variation conveying liquid pumps, like reciprocating pump, piston pumps, pump and viscosity.
3) other forms of pump: there are using electromagnetic conveying liquid conductance of posture electromagnetic pump, Through the use of fluid energy to transport the liquid pump, such as injection pump, air liters liquid machines etc.
(2) by chemical USES classification
1) process flow pump: including feeding pump, the reflux pump, circulating pump, rinsing pump, sewage pump, supplementary pump, lose
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