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Flow range 6 ~ 400m3h temperature degrees at normal temperature
Head within 4 ~ ~ 2Mpa 125m maximum pressure

Product description:
ZP, ZPP type packing pump is designed for papermaking industry design of new type filler pump. Transporting low or high temperature liquid and neutral or corrosive or contain tiny solid particle fluid. Horizontal, single stage, single suction and closed impeller, radial geophysiccal processes vortex shell type structure. The rotor structure accord with ISO2858 requirements, check or remove convenient. Flow components and bushings using high-quality wear-resistant materials, long life, shaft seals use mechanical seal or dynamic seal, complete implementation performence of leakage.
Areas of application:
Primarily for papermaking industry conveying talcum powder abrasive fillers specially designed, also suitable for petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, municipal, etc.

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