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Flow range 13 ~ 2300m3h temperature degrees acuities ℃ 120
Head range 6 ~ 90m maximum pressure ~ 160 Mpa

Product description:
ZC strarch pump is in Z type slurry pump basis, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, combined with the papermaking industry and design of a renewal product. Impeller half open design, clearance adjustable, in order to ensure that the pump continuous high efficiency. Configuration four sealing solutions for users to choose any:
(1) vice impeller dynamic seal to ensure no leakage operation, stop the pump seal can completely block after pump is going to stop leakage.
(2) single seals for temperature below 80 ℃, corrosion and abrasive not strong medium.
(3) double seals, used in high-temperature, severe or high corrosive medium, high pressure water injection outside

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