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The state electricity industry since the "11th five-year plan" unremitting efforts and with strong growth momentum. "11th five-year plan" period in the first three years growth of around 80 percent, of power industry development basic guideline is "raise energy efficiency and protect the ecological environment and orderly development of hydroelectric, optimize the development of nuclear power, coal, and actively promote moderate development days gas power, to encourage the new energy resources, drive equipment industrial progress of technology".
On the basis of the electric power "11th five-year" plan objectives and finish the investment situation, our country in the "11th five-year plan" period after three years will also be installed at least 130 million kilowatts, including hydropower new installed 40 million kilowatts, thermal power new installed around 6,000 million kilowatts, nuclear power new installed 7000 million kilowatts, and other installed 3,000 million kilowatts. During this time the investmen
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