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On March 1 at 7:29 points, by middlings five companies, shanxi coal built company and zhengzhou coal built companies who shenhua coal mine, camel mountain basic construction in the construction of underground 16th coal heading face flood accidents.

According to the basic construction of shenhua coal permeable camel mountain rescue leadership group says the accident, the initial identification, downhole accident happens were 77 people, at present had 46 people rise Wells, but with one of them out well after death disables via rescue, are still have 31 people were trapped.
Trapped personnel in the coolie deep. Among them, a coolie is apart from the ground, 189 meters, when 12 people in this homework; Another coolie 289 meters apart from the ground, and there was 19 people in this homework. In emergency rescue site, five ambulances and more than 10 name paramedics standby, ready to implement tight ?

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